Thailand, LAW Grade A

Thailand, LAW Grade A

PROFILE: Morning melon and citrus. Balanced and sooo clean.     

PROCESS: Natural
ELEVATION: 1700 masl
COFFEE: Catimor
HISTORY: This small and mighty village made of 9 coffee farms and 30 families have been producing coffee for 10 years. Most of the crop is shade grown at higher altitudes and cared for without using pesticides. Law Wu Black Honey was processed by pulping the cherries and leaving the mucilage on the seed to dry. During the drying period it is rotated multiple times a day for a total of 2 weeks. Once the coffee has reached its desired moisture level they are dry-hulled and bagged for export. 

ADDITIONAL DEETS: Low Pigeon's primary coffee resource, Green Bean Asia, is working closely and has teamed up with ITDF, an NGO in Thailand who help provide the tribe villagers with clean water and actively work towards ending poverty for the hill villagers. ITDF coffee roots goes back to 1961, and in 1990 they created a Co-op to help the villagers produce higher quality products. They provided training, planted varieties that thrive in certain regions, and processing equipment to achieve this goal. Present day there are over 400 farms in 40 villages that participate, all which are 100% farmer owned.